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TEROCK Hydraulic Rail Cutter 

Cuts rails in any position, on the side as well as from directly above.

  • Cuts all types of rail tracks (up to UIC60)
  • Eliminates acetylene/oxygen and abrasive cutting
  • Operates in weather of all types
  • 360° Rotation

New Terock 330 Hydraulic...

The electromagnet fits on all types of carriers such as hydraulic excavator, crane, truck, etc.
The integrated hydro-electric generator works with the hydraulics of the bearer.

Advantages :

  • Very low remanence, less than 0.8 seconds to decrease work cycle and increase productivity.
  • Simple and fast installation on the carrier's single-line (BRH) line.
  • The position of the generator near the magnet makes it possible to avoid electrical losses in line,
    Resulting in better efficiency and energy savings.
  • An electronic module allows fault diagnosis even remotely.
  • Integrated pressure and flow limiter to protect the organs.

The options :

  • Handling chains (pendulum system).
  • Rigid plate for fast attachment or grapple.
  • Installation of a priority valve, if necessary, to increase safety.

Applications :

  • Cleaning of building sites.
  • Handling of scrap.

See Technical Specifications

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